A Survival Guide to Norn Iron! (Northern Ireland)

A Survival Guide to Norn Iron!  (Northern Ireland) Part 1

It is a beautiful place to visit, but here are some pointers. For any potential holiday makers, here are a few tips for getting on well if visiting, for enjoying the craic, and getting home in one piece!

1 ‘Norn Iron’- This is what we say, or rather how we say we are from ‘Northern Ireland.’ First tip is to expect people to speak in a broad accent, very, very fast and using many odd sounding words. Northern Ireland also punches above its weight and people from Norn Iron are fiercely proud of its heritage and culture. Van Morrison, C.S Lewis, Liam Neeson, George Best and Titanic (‘she was okay when she left here’) all hail from here.

2 Prepare your body!- It is a cliché that the Irish like to drink, but also quite true. You will be offered ‘a wee dram’ (1 drink), ‘a braice’ (2 drinks) and maybe even ‘a chaser on the rocks’ (a whiskey to follow and also the title of my first novel!) If you do become intoxicated you might say “I was blitzed”, “Off my face” or “Three sheets to the wind.”

  3 Don’t mention ‘The Troubles’- It’s best not to get into any hot debates about our complicated past and it is also very confusing! There have been some botched interpretations in everything from Sons of Anarchy to Captain Planet. The Thrash legend Dave Mustaine almost got lynched when declaring “Give Ireland back to the Irish” at a largely Protestant gig!

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