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New song You Tube stream

If you fancy a wee listen just click  here

In Spades by The Afghan Whigs Album Review

Wanna go for a ride? You sure will. New Album sees Dulli in fine form
Gentlemen, Black Love, 1965. Any fan knows that these are indeed the holy trinity. The comeback album- Do to the Beast splits opinion a little more. Personally, I think it's just alright. I'd take most of Dulli's non-Afghan albums over it.

But, the new album, In Spades is a very satisfying listen. From the opening track's largely string arrangement, it is clear that Dulli is not just making a 'Twilights plus John Curley' album. Other examples of really great song writing include Demon in Profile and Toy Automatic. The final track- Into the Floor is a great one- almost Pink Floydy- with a very addictive melody hook.

Dulli can be guilty of using the same patterns and progressions a bit too much, but even though there's some repetition here, it's still a really good collection of songs. He's mixed things up well- some classic Afghan scratchy guitar, a bit of clavinet, interesting stri…

Free Short Story- Blood and Botany

Below is a free story, taken from my Bestselling collection-'More Faces'
It is a flash fiction and the shortest in the collection. For a copy of the full book from Amazon and more info, click,
Blood and Botany

“Pass us the rake Brian, would ya?” “Two seconds mate… there you go.” “Cheers,” said Tim, tidying up of the lawn, “if you wanna load up the van that’ll do us.” “No probs,” Brian said, lifting the trimmer with one hand and dragging the fresh bag of cut grass with the other. He was lean and young, but on a hot day like this, his body ached to be sitting in the van again drinking tea. “Aww man, not the McClaine’s, I’m wrecked,” said Brian when they were back in the van, “let’s do a few wee lawns first.” “Don’t be a lapper,” said the elder of the two; fit enough for his late twenties, with a good jet of hair too, “we’ll have lunch when we get there sure and then get crackin’ after, all right?” “You’re the boss,” sighed Brian, checking his reflection and fixing his trendy fringe b…