Alternative Ulster Noir

This book has been a labour of love and I’ve had a blast putting it together and taking part in some launch events. I’m indebted to all of the brilliant authors who have been part of the collection- Colin Bateman, Stuart Neville, Sharon Dempsey, Kelly Creighton, Gerard Brennan and James Murphy.  Here’s the blurb about it- … Alternative Ulster Noir … The Cops Are Comin’ A collection of seven new NI crime short stories inspired by NI music. Enjoy a diverse anthology of work from some of the best NI thriller writers featuring Colin Bateman, Stuart Neville, Sharon Dempsey, Gerard Brennan, Kelly Creighton and James Murphy. Curated and edited by Simon Maltman, with one of his own new stories included. This collection was inspired by local artists including The Undertones, Van Morrison, Ash, Snow Patrol, Therapy? and more. … We put on a launch event last night in Bangor Carnegie Library- chatting, reading and playing a few songs. We also put on a fundraiser for Ukraine a few weeks ago in Bend

Free Halloween Short Stories

The links are below for a couple of free short stories đŸ‘€đŸ‘¿ Both were published by the excellent ‘Punk Noir’ magazine. I thought I’d have fun with trying writing a zombie story. I wrote two. The first has zombies attacking the Northern Ireland Assembly. In the second I’ve brought back my old ‘Bongo Fury’ character, Jimmy Black. Hope you enjoy them!  Devolution Z-  Read Here Bongo Fury… and Zombies - Read Here

‘Instant Massacring’ short story

Here’s a new short story for anyone who fancies a very quick read- it’s written as a single text conversation… for the craic.    Instant Massacring by  Simon Maltman   (Transcription provided  by Police Service Northern Ireland of text message conversation between Colin Irvine and Brenda Irvine.)   … ​ ​ Colin- ​ ​ Wheres me coffee?   ​ Brenda-     Brewing now ffs   ​ Colin-     Bet ur sitting on your arse, not even boiled the kettle yet   wink emoji   ​ Brenda-   ​ Angry emoji  Maybe you should  come downstairs and  make it yourself ! You’re  on the shitter I  bet. ​ ​ Colin-      Maybe   ​ Brenda-   ​ Not in the en-suite?!   ​ Colin- ​     Maybe   ​ Brenda-         fucksake  vomit emoji   ​ Colin- ​ ​   haha   ​ Brend a- ​ Every feckin night- nine  on the button you stinkoid! At least we’re  out in the sticks  where noone else can smell you .   ​ Colin - ​    True. Could just put it down to that ‘country air’  anyway .   ​ Brenda- ​ Your precious coffee is on  now .  xo   ​ Colin - ​