The Sidewinder Book Soundtrack

Here are a few of the tunes/ artists that are mentioned in my new book. I've created a playlist of them in You Tube that you can view all of through the link at the bottom. 
Also, here is the book's namesake by the incredible Lee Morgan. I loved the name and the attributes of the snake being deadly and also able to hide in plain sight. I just thought- 'I'm having that title!'


A wee chat about THE SIDEWINDER


THE SIDEWINDER: First 4 Chapters

Here's the first few chapters of my new book. I hope you enjoy it. It's officially not out through Solstice Publishing until 1st December, but you can actually order both paperback and e-copies here if you like-
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The Sidewinder
By Simon Maltman

Part 1- Opening Theme

Chapter One

“Just one more thing.” That’s what my mind repeated to me over and over, as the TV screen informed me that my old buddy was dead. I surveyed the steam rising off my ‘Columbo’ mug, as my mind zoned in and out, like its zoom setting was broken. “Just one more thing”- written in blue ink, alongside a grainy image of the famous detective, blanketed in his trademark long and scruffy jacket. It was like a mantra. I exhaled, forcing some of the steam to wisp away. I knew I needed to keep it together. “Andrew, are you alright?” asked Darragh urgently. “Yeah… yeah, shit, I’m sorry,” I said blinking a few times and running a hand through my receding blonde hair, “It’s just a shock- you kno…

Out and About

I'm fortunate to be a part of some great upcoming events.  I thought I'd share them altogether here, for anyone interested in any of them. 
The line up for the terrific Aspects Festival was announced last week. I'm very chuffed to be doing an event called Crime in the Castle, with the brilliant authors Brian McGilloway and Gerard Brennan (22/09/18). You can check out the whole of the festival listings and can buy tickets on their website.

I went to see Eric Bell as part of the awesome Open House Festival last week and he was absolutely belting! I'm pleased to be reading at the launch of the excellent Bangor Literary Journal as part of the festival (25/08/18). They also have a feature on my writing in the August issue- it's a super magazine (From poets Amy and Paul Rafferty) and it's free to download. The event is also free- so if you're about Bangor- drop by!
I'm going to be doing mini Belfast Noir tours as part of Culture Night, this year, situated at…

...So I became a tour guide

Belfast Noir

"Belfast is the most noir place on earth." Lee Child
For a while I had been thinking how Belfast didn't seem to have much in the way of screen or literature tours. Of course there are Game of Thrones tours, but not much else. Thinking about the city centre out towards the south, I realised lots had been filmed there- such as Line of Duty, The Fall and the classic Film Noir Odd Man Out. Put this together with the downright explosion of Ulster Noirand local writers, I wondered why there was no tour around any of this.
So I thought I' d have a go!
I wrote a draft of a tour and then teamed up with local company, Belfast Hidden Tours. They had also been thinking of doing something similar. We've been developing it for six months and here we are! It's a mix of screen and books, with a heavy influence on Crime Fiction and a wee bit of true crime, with other bits and bobs thrown in. We launched last week and the hour and a half tour takes in locations such…

13 by Steve Cavanagh Book Review


As soon as the title and hook were first dropped, this novel was eagerly anticipated by many:

"The serial killer isn't on trial. He's on the jury."
It certainly doesn't disappoint and fully deserves the various high profile plaudits and the terrific sales in Ireland. Hopefully this will be repeated when it's released in other countries.

Lawyer Eddie Flynn returns for a thriller that is much more than a courtrooms drama, though there is much tension to be found in the carefully crafted court scenes. Flynn soon becomes neck deep in the biggest case since OJ, while also on the hunt for a highly intelligent serial killer, who is... well- you know where he is!

Steve Cavanagh effortlessly takes us on a breakneck run around New York with a twisty, turny plot that entertains with no lag. It is the definition of a page turner and I highly recommend it. You really won't want to put it down and I'm kind of disappointed that I've finished it!

Book Review : Disorder by Gerard Brennan

The first release on the new No Alibis Press and it's a cracker!
I've just finished Gerard Brennan's new novel and it's a really great read. The rise and rise of NI Crime Fiction just keeps getting better and the start to this year with the likes of Disorder and Thirteen (Steve Cavanagh) is very exciting.

Disorder uses so called recreational rioting in Belfast as a backdrop to interweaving story strands that are created and manoeuvred skilfully. There is a great set of characters, with no out and out main protagonist; including a damaged and amoral cop, a stoner student in the wrong place, a sleekid American investor and a conflicted journalist.

The prose packs a punch with lots of humourous local lingo set alongside tightly written scenes and some pretty hardboiled violence. There is a mystery element also involved, along with the feeling of dread approaching. The plot is tied up in a satisfying and somewhat unexpected way, with plenty of thrills and an emotional pay …