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Book Review : Disorder by Gerard Brennan

The first release on the new No Alibis Press and it's a cracker!
I've just finished Gerard Brennan's new novel and it's a really great read. The rise and rise of NI Crime Fiction just keeps getting better and the start to this year with the likes of Disorder and Thirteen (Steve Cavanagh) is very exciting.

Disorder uses so called recreational rioting in Belfast as a backdrop to interweaving story strands that are created and manoeuvred skilfully. There is a great set of characters, with no out and out main protagonist; including a damaged and amoral cop, a stoner student in the wrong place, a sleekid American investor and a conflicted journalist.

The prose packs a punch with lots of humourous local lingo set alongside tightly written scenes and some pretty hardboiled violence. There is a mystery element also involved, along with the feeling of dread approaching. The plot is tied up in a satisfying and somewhat unexpected way, with plenty of thrills and an emotional pay …