In Spades by The Afghan Whigs Album Review

Wanna go for a ride? You sure will. New Album sees Dulli in fine form

Gentlemen, Black Love, 1965. Any fan knows that these are indeed the holy trinity. The comeback album- Do to the Beast splits opinion a little more. Personally, I think it's just alright. I'd take most of Dulli's non-Afghan albums over it.

But, the new album, In Spades is a very satisfying listen. From the opening track's largely string arrangement, it is clear that Dulli is not just making a 'Twilights plus John Curley' album. Other examples of really great song writing include Demon in Profile and Toy Automatic. The final track- Into the Floor is a great one- almost Pink Floydy- with a very addictive melody hook.

Dulli can be guilty of using the same patterns and progressions a bit too much, but even though there's some repetition here, it's still a really good collection of songs. He's mixed things up well- some classic Afghan scratchy guitar, a bit of clavinet, interesting string arrangements and his voice rasping authoritatively throughout it all.

I wouldn't say it's up there with the classic cannon yet, but after seven or eight listens, it's getting better every time. So- maybe just. For a comparison, I'd say it's most similar to 1965, their landmark album before the first breakup. Where so many reformations are damp squibs, I look forward to what The Whigs do next.

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